Walking Shoes Shopping for Toddlers

Now that your little angel is officially past the newborn stage and steadily on his or her way to being mobile, you have no choice but to invest in two or three pairs of walking shoes. It’s good to start with soft soled walking shoes you may have already bought hoping and eagerly waiting for his or her first feeble steps. That’s of course a good idea and a smart one too because soft soled walking shoes will not affect the growth of your baby’s feet in any way. They are also great for keeping your baby’s tiny toes warm and cozy and even protecting them from hazards that could be on the floor at any given time. All these are just but the basics of the best toddler shoes for walking. There are several other tips you have to consider.

best quality toddler shoes for walking

Go For Shoes That Are the Best for Learning How to Walk

Different brands may claim bragging rights as to how effective they’re when it comes to aiding a toddler how to walk. The truth of the matter however is the fact that any toddler shoes with elastic ankles are ideal for walking. What matters most is a pair with soft soles that can act as protection between his feet and the ground but still make the baby feel the floor with his feet. This is actually one of the best ways to help your baby learn how to balance better. In other words, it is best for the baby to feel barefoot without being barefoot.

Go For Shoes That Are Comfortable

It is good to let your baby learn to walk in uneven surfaces sometimes. This can however compromise his comfort while he’s not barefoot. To prevent this from happening, settle for nothing short of comfortable shoes. This could be anything from brands such as Dansko professional or toddler water shoes. Such shoes will let your baby feel the unevenness of the floor but will not hinder the baby from toddling around.

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Design Matters

Go for toddler walking shoes that are not just cute but super functional too. That aesthetic value goes a long way to motivate your little angel to walk. That said, consider shopping for walking shoes that have trendy designs such as

  • Boots with cozy lining

  • Colorful rain boots (for girls mostly)

  • Faux moccasins

best trendy dansko professional

Shop for the Best Fit

This is all about shopping for the right shoe size. Unfortunately, this is where you will have to spend quite a fortune. Babies grow fast, which means that their feet increase in size almost every month. What may fit him or her perfectly this month may be too small the next month. That said, be sure to measure the size of your baby’s feet every month.

Check for Any Signs of Discomfort

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It’s really up to you to find out if your baby is comfortable in his or her shoes. He may cry often each time he has his new shoes on but you may be preoccupied so much with his or her health to think the frequent crying is because of a cold or hunger. Check his feet and look for any redness on your baby’s heels. This can only mean one thing; that the shoes are too small for him. Check too for any signs of blisters. To avoid these, always ensure that your baby has socks on all the time. Ensure too that the lining of his shoes are soft enough to keep him comfortable for a long time.

Shopping for toddler walking shoes is not simple. You have to do everything to ensure that your baby will finally enjoy walking in shoes that will keep him or her comfortable. This can only happen if you take time to learn more about baby shoes and what is best for toddlers.

Essential Tips When Shopping for Toddler Shoes

You may not know it but as soon as your little angel starts moving around on his or her own feet, the best shoes at that stage are no shoes at all! When he’s barefoot, his tiny toes easily grip the floor, giving his tootsies a total workout. All that sounds fine, but keep in mind that your little angel’s feet need to be protected when he’s outside. That’s where toddler shoes come into the picture.

Shopping For the Right Shoes

The process is not easy, but it is fun. With the wide range of options available in baby stores, it is very easy to get confused and buy the wrong shoes. To stay safe, keep it simple and remember that the best shoes for your baby are all about 3 F’s;

  • Form

  • Fit

  • Function

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Important Considerations

There’s a fourth F which most parents consider as a prerequisite for shopping for baby shoes; fashion. It is not a prerequisite at all. In as much as you may want your kid to look cute, the first three F’s should not be compromised. That’s why you need to take these following considerations;

  • Take a measured approach – Be smart when shopping online. Use your baby’s current shoes to find out his or her shoes size. Remember too that the thumb technique applies when shopping for toddler shoes. Ensure that whatever you buy has some space the size of your thumb at the tip where your baby’s toes rest. Keep in mind that toddler’s feet grow quickly. That said, be sure to measure his or her feet every month.

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  • Bring your baby to his/her feet – Your baby should be standing while being measured for fitting toddler shoes. Then keep an eye on her toes. Toddlers have a likelihood – a default likelihood so to speak – to curl their toes, something that can easily make you get the wrong size. Use the thumb technique to avoid that.

  • Put socks on your toddler’s feet – Your baby should have on the same pair of socks he or she will likely wear with the toddler shoes you are about to buy. This is the only way you’ll get the perfect fit for your angel. Do this even when trying on designer shoes for toddlers like puma toddler shoes or dansko professional foot wear for toddlers.

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  • Check that heel – Hone in on the back of the shoes as you watch your toddler walk in his or her shoes. If it looks loose and slips up and down, the friction will certainly result to redness which will ultimately lead to blisters. Simply put, your toddler’s shoes must fit him or her well.

  • Let your toddler pick What they like – Your toddler may not like keen toddler shoes or may like them a lot. Let him or her choose whatever he or she likes. You should however keep off some materials like plastic and rubber. They are not breathable and are extremely uncomfortable.

best baby shoes for girls

Comfort stands out as the number one factor when shopping for cheap toddler shoes. Just like adults, toddlers too need that comfort when crawling or feebly walking around the house. That’s why window shopping for the right baby shoes is essential. Feel free to ask more about the shoes you want to buy. Are they breathable? Are they fitting? How long will it take before your toddler needs another pair? These are just but some of the questions that will help you buy the right shoes. Remember too to compare prices. Take advantage of discounts, offers and other promotions that will help you cut on costs. You’ll be shopping for baby shoes every month, so seize any opportunity that presents itself in the shape of saving money.

Easy Ways When Shopping for Baby Shoes

There are just a few things adorable and prettier than babies’ feet. That’s why the cute little feet should be kept safe and warm as much as possible. This can only be done with baby shoes. Unfortunately or fortunately, shopping for baby shoes becomes tricky as babies grow. You have to shop for the right shoe size. Keep in mind that the shoes you are about to buy will play a different role from the one your little angel had previously. The new shoes should;

  • Protect your baby’s feet as he or she begins to crawl

  • Keep him or her warm

  • Make him look stunning

crochet baby shoes free patterns

Starting with the Basics

It is easy to get spoilt for choice when shopping for baby shoes, thanks to the wide range of baby shoe designs available. Even the fussiest parent can get confused, so don’t feel beaten when embarking on this bittersweet shopping journey. Just keep it simple and observe rule number one: buy what your baby needs at that particular time.

Consider the Age of Your Baby

Infants, toddlers and newborns aren’t complicated. They don’t need fancy shoes such as Dansko professional shoes or other designer brands. In fact, they don’t need shoes at all! With just a pair of warm socks to keep their feet cozy, they’re good to go. It’s however understandable that parents may often times want to buy fancy little shoes in the name of making their little angels look cute.

best baby shoes for girls

That’s not bad at all. Just keep in mind is that your baby’s comfort should not be compromised at all. Keep in mind too that at this stage, where your baby cannot move, or when he starts crawling at the toddler stages, soft booties are enough to keep your baby’s feet warm and protect his or her feet from abrasion. Booties are simply studier versions of crochet baby shoes. They are soft and flexible – just what a baby needs when he or she starts crawling. Things change as soon as your baby makes his or her first firm steps. This is where baby shoes with anti slip soles come into the picture, as they are sturdy enough to prevent injuries.

Getting the Right Size

This is tricky because babies grow fast and sometimes faster that parents expect. Again, you don’t have to worry about the right shoe size if your baby is a newborn or an infant. For toddlers, you have to stick to the simple thumb rule. At the end of the day, your baby has to be extremely comfortable with what he or she wears. Always try on new shoes with socks, then look for any signs of:

  • Pinching

  • Redness

  • Chaffing

These are just but a few pointers that your baby needs new shoes because his or her feet have grown. They may also indicate that the current shoes your baby sports squeeze him or her. Avoid this at all costs.

baby shoes for boys nike

Type of Shoe

This should not worry you as much as the material of the shoe you want to buy should. In that case, consider any of the following materials:

  • Thick cloth

  • Leather

  • Canvas

baby shoes for boys nike

Keep off plastic and rubber shoes. They are not porous enough to allow air circulation. They are also not comfortable.

Your baby has to look good in whatever he or she wears. He or she should also be comfortable. Go for bronze baby shoes if that’s what it will take to keep your little angel cute and comfortable. Remember too to stick to what is ideal for the baby. Shop for baby shoes for boys if your angel is a boy and it goes the same for girls if she’s a girl. It’s that simple.

Shopping For The Best Boat Shoes

Trendy boat shoes are a stylish footwear option for today’s fashion savvy woman, especially in spring and summer. First introduced to the public in the early 1930s, the functionality of boat shoes has significantly increased in popularity both on and off the deck of boats, yachts and other water vessels. It is therefore prudent to take note of some simple considerations when shopping for these shoes, so as to counterbalance substandard shoes and other factors that can compromise the quality of the shoes you wish to buy. Always consider:

  • Brand- It has to be popular and reputable

  • Size- Must fit you…like a Cinderella shoe

  • Color- Must be one that can match with other outfits in your wardrobe

  • Characteristics of a Boat Shoe Pair

best sperry boat shoes

They are most notable for their shape and their non marking rubber soles. Note that while modern boat shoes come in a wide array of colors, this was not the case with the first pair. It was all white rubber, a factor that goes a long way to explain why the best Dansko professional yacht shoes come in the same color. To create soles that can brace slippery surfaces, a siping complete with multiple zig zag and wave patterned incisions must be carved into the bottom of the sole. It is these molded groves that allow water to easily flow from the surface of the show sole as pressure is applied from a wearer’s foot.


Most boat and yacht shoes feature topstitching, highly durable canvas or leather and comfortable interiors. Of these three, topstitching puts boat shoes on the highlight as it provides aesthetic and functional benefits. You’ll notice that just after slipping your womens boat shoes, a tie has to be safety employed so as to comfortably secure the shoes on your feet. The tie can be either laces made from the same fabric or the normal conventional shoe laces. This is actually where you can be creative and choose colorful laces that match your outfit. You don’t have to worry about the shoe color because their colors range from printed fabric to conservative two tone models. You might however wish to take your imagination to another level in which case it is smart to stick to colors like:

womens boat shoes with shorts

  • Gray

  • Black

  • Brown

  • Ivory

  • Beige

  • White

How to Choose the Right Boat Shoe

mens dansko professional shoes

Start by first assessing the conditions under which you’ll put on the shoes. Canvas for instance is ideal if you’ll put on the shoes in dry conditions. Leather on the other hand is great if you’ll spend most of your time on the deck, as it is generally water resistant. Either way, remember to always stick to brands that won’t let you down in any circumstance. Go for Vans boat shoes or Sperry boat shoes if all you want to do is still look good as you fish or just enjoy time on your little ‘cruise’.

Choosing the Right Fit

men's Boat shoes

This one should be easy as all you need to do is ensure that there is some space remaining at the top of the shoes. The purpose of the space is to accommodate slight movements that often happen when one is walking. Use the thumb technique to ensure that your shoes have enough space.

Take time to know more about what you want to buy online. There is always information- enough information – to aid first time boat shoe buyers. Where to get the info t should therefore be the least of your concerns. Remember to also ask more from your vendor. At the end of the day, it is such inquiries that can help you to get some real value for your money and learn more about what you want to spend your money on.