Silver Dress Shoes

Shoes are part of what makes you noticeable when you get into a place and silver dress shoes are what you need to make a mark wherever you go. It is always good to look one’s best at every point in time as you never can tell who you are likely to meet at an event and it is always good to be prepared at all times. The fashion statement that women’s silver dress shoes make in any occasion can never be over emphasized as a lady will always be recognized and distinguished by her dressing and what better way to make your mark in any occasion than to put on your silver dress shoes for women.

Silver Dress Shoes

The good thing about this type of shoes is the fact that it comes in different styles, designs and makes so, respective of the way you like your shoes, you will have a silver dress shoe that will meet your standard on the way you like your shoes and of course this also has to do with the fitting of the shoe.

silver dress shoes for women

Types of Silver Dress Shoes

There are different types of silver dress shoes that can be gotten by you either online or from your local boutique. The following are a few of the different types of the shoes that you can get both online and from your boutique:

  • One of the types of the shoes that can be gotten is the dye able type of dress shoes.

  • Another type that can be gotten is the pump type of shoe.

  • The silver dress shoes can also come in sandal like designs for occasions where you want to dress in your casuals probably with your jeans and halter neck tops.

  • There is also the high heeled shoe design that is also a delight to behold as it helps make your legs appear longer than it actually is.

  • There are the flat soled designs for those that prefer flat soled shoes.

dansko professional leopard

Materials used in making Silver dress Shoes

There are many materials that can be used in making girls silver dress shoes and the following are a few of the materials that can be used:

  • Patented leather is one of the good and solid materials that can be used in making womens silver dress shoes.

  • Another material that can also be used for making dress shoes is the suede material.

  • The silk material is also a very notable material that is used in making dress shoes.

  • The satin is the last but not the least of the materials that will be mentioned here which is used in making dress shoes.

Occasions for making use of Dress Shoes

The beauty of silver colored dress shoes is the fact that it can be worn for any kind of occasion which is either a formal event like meetings, going to offices and the likes of it or an informal event that includes but is not limited to proms, weddings, birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, wedding anniversary celebrations and so on. It can also be worn by a bride with her wedding gown or by bridesmaid for wedding occasion and this will help add beauty and color to the appearance of the bride and her bridesmaids.

best womens silver dress shoes

Who can wear a Silver Dress Shoe?

This type of shoe can be worn by any female whether young or old as there are girls’ silver dress shoes and junior silver dress shoes for young females and there are also women’s silver dress shoes for older women. This classification of the dress shoes does not however mean that you cannot get the different styles or designs for both female classes.

best girls silver dress shoes

The difference between dress shoes and any other kind of shoe is the fact that the dress shoes are more delicate in nature than any other kind of shoe. Maintaining a dress shoe is very important because it is a classy shoe that gives every female a unique and classy appearance that makes her a beauty to behold and a pleasure to the eyes of every person that looks at her. There is no better way to appear than to appear putting on Silver dress shoe especially try on a pair of dansko professional shoes. 

Men Dress Shoes

Men dress shoes are an important feature in the dress code of every man. It not only forms the first impression of an individual but also says a lot about how well organized he is. For most men spending much time on a decision on which kind of foot wear to buy is mandatory for the foot wear one chooses will say a lot about who you are. At the work place men tend to associate themselves with a certain social class that they feel fits their perspective and for this reason tend to spend more on the big and most expensive brands.

white men dress shoes

However choosing the right men dress shoes has to be done in consideration of a number of factors such as the nature of work one is involved in, the health condition one is in especially allergic reactions to certain products, the financial position of an individual, and the climatic conditions of the residence. To be able to shed more light on the matters weighing on this perspective one would have to take a tour into the world of dressing code for men by various types and brands.


Dansko professional shoes are high quality leather shoes with a small heal that makes one lift up after every step. They are a unique brand of shoes that are produces to meet the needs of the average office guy. These shoes are also very popular for their different color designs that fit the different tastes and preferences. This kind of wear is favorable for the office guy since they are comfortable and the leather is easy to maintain. Other than that a number of features also standout in this brand of footwear;

men dress shoes black and white

  • Toe box which allows for more room for the toes ensuring that movement is limited thereby allowing for a more comfortable posture.

  • A sockliner that ensures even the most unfavorable weather conditions do not affect an individual in any way due to perspiration.

  • Specially designed outsoles that ensure a good grip in the office thereby slipping is avoided. These are also strong and ensure flexibility while protecting the feet.


Cheap men dress shoes have various categories from various brands and they offer comfortable footwear that also gives a good impression of a person. Sometimes it is not easy to notice these shoes are of low cost once they have been bought. Mostly cheap footwear is viewed as uncomfortable and un-durable. However this is not the case as established in the following categories of low cost footwear.

dansko professional fresco

  • Shoes for occasions which include wedding shoes, business shoes, and prom shoes. Since these are available at a low cost they are mostly used on a one time occasion.

  • Indoors men’s footwear which is used mostly when one arrives at the office or when one is at home entertaining guests. These kinds of wear ensure one is comfortable but they are not preferable for the outdoor conditions.


White men dress shoes are shoes that are mostly white in color and are mainly used to show a certain social class. They are mostly used to also show that one is capable of taking care of himself as they require a lot of care. They are offered in a number of brands that include; Clarks, Dr. martens, Florsheim, Ralph Lauren, Steve Marden, and Timberland. They are also available as boots, loafers, oxfords, sandals, and sneakers.

cheap men dress shoes


Comfortable dress shoes for men is not easy to find as the most popular and comfortable brands are mostly expensive and therefore produced in small quantities as there demand is low. However this does not mean that one cannot find comfortable wear that is not expensive. Being comfortable in footwear not only refers to the comfort the feet feel but also the comfort that comes from an increased self-esteem. It is known that the self-esteem can be increased by the kind of foot wear one has since it serves to identify the social class.

In conclusion men dress shoes are a unique part of the dress code of a person that serves quite a number of purposes ranging from social factors to political factors. It is known that most political groups take too much into the social hierarchy and sometimes go beyond the limits to use a certain brand or customize shoes to fit a certain perspective.

Girls Dress Shoes

Girls dress shoes exist in various categories depending on the needs, the taste, occasion, the weather conditions and the purpose. They give a perfect match to the dressing occasions since not every shoe goes right with dresses hence care should be observed to select the appropriate shoes. Dress shoes for girl’s categories are also dependent on the age of the girls and the purpose.

Dansko Professional Shoes

There are various types of girls dress shoes that come with differing characteristics to choose from. Dansko professional shoes are long lasting and free fitting. They are proven to be good for work environments since they are tough. They provide comfort like no other all day long and, support and with unique kind of style. They come in various sizes which can be viewed at the size chart. The shoes are made of the highest quality leather that blends well with the foot contours and shape. The shoes have padded instep collar, roomer bottom for easy walking and a perspiration absorbing leather sock liner.

ivory girls dress shoes

Colors – the colors are mainly brown, black, blue, white, mixed and red
Materials –the shoes are made from box leather, oiled leather, patent leather, cabrio leather, tooled leather, oiled full grain leather, mosaic leather, arabesque leather, textured leather, veg leather, full grain leather, embossed leather, treated suede leather, and yarn fabric.

The dansko shoes also have contoured midsoles that provide support, keeps feet secured and provide superior shock absorption. More to that the shoes have sufficient space for free toe movement improving comfort.

Other type of girls dress shoes is the ivory girls dress shoes which come in variety of categories, and sizes. They can be worn in different occasional set ups such as weddings, party, ballet or for normal occasions. The various varieties have common characteristics, they are easy to wear with lovely flower at the front and come in variety of colors for choice. They use a sizing chart to ensure appropriate and accurate sizing with sizes ranging from 5 through to 13. Girls dress ivory shoes also offers more additional sizes and styles for variety.

little girls dress shoes with heels

Colors –the shoes come in variety of colors such as black, gold, silver, pink, purple, blue, white, ivory among others
• Varieties – include; toddler girls, Wedding Pageant, Stride rite flower girl, Wedge, Flats, Cole Haan, EUR and Marbella Mandy shoes.

Girls Shoes

Little girls dress shoes come in variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They are found in styles such as stitch down t-strap, Mary Janes style, ballerina style, wedges, Euro, pumps and others.

  • Types – types range from Aster, stride rite to juicy culture. Other types include Jumping Jacks, Pediped, See Kai Run, Bloch, Steve Maden, Yosi Samra and Kenneth Cole Reaction Kids.

toddler girls dress shoes black

  • Theme– the shoes adopt several themes such as spring, fall, back to school, summer and winter.

  • Category – the shoes fall under different categories which are flats, sandals, heel and oxfords.
    Materials – the shoes are made from different materials such as synthetic, leather, satin, patent leather, faux leather , silk, Acrylic and suede.

  • Colors – the colors of the shoes vary and include metallic, gold, beige, pink, blue, bronze, khaki, white, silver or black. They come with varying patterns and accents.

Toddler Shoes

Lastly the toddler girls dress shoes comes in variety of types, shapes, sizes, colors, categories and with different themes and styles.

dansko professional dazzle

  • Types – include Toddler Girl’s Cherokee, Toddler Rachel shoes, Toddler Girls Lil Princess, Toddler Girls Dee Patent, Baby Girls Genuine Kids, little Girls Wee Squeak, Infant Girls Wee Squeak and Toddler Girls Jayna Ballet.

  • Categories – categorized into ballet flats and Mary Jane.

  • Colors – the colors available include; silver, black, gold, brown, blue, metallic, purple, pewter, pink, red and white.

Choosing the right girls dress shoes is an exciting undertaking due to the many available options, however if done in a haphazard manner it can bring about disastrous results. The dress to wear the shoes with, the age of the girl, the occasion and the comfort of the wearer should be carefully thought of before purchasing or choosing of shoes. The durability of the shoes, shape and taste should be another factor to put into consideration and so is the occasion. Always ensure that you put these factors into consideration when matching up that outfit to match your style, class and elegance.

Mens Dress Shoes

It has been a focused part of men’s wear and an important one at that, it is a part of the dress code that attracts a lot of discussion and finances, it is mens dress shoes or men’s foot wear as many would like to say. Over the years men have often taken much time and finances to ensure that the foot wear is perfect and stands out from the crowd. So what makes men’s foot wear such an important factor in the dress code? Well there are a number of reasons but the most important factor is that the dress code of a man especially the foot wear tells a lot about a person at the first glance. The kind of foot wear one has can tell about his social status, his financial position, and also how well organized he is. It should also be noted that men try to keep up with fashion as much as women when it comes to foot wear.

dansko professional yarn

Mens dress shoes also ensure that one is comfortable when going about his daily business and in this sense ensure efficiency and high productivity. In many cultures the dress code for men’s foot wear varies in designs and prices for that matter but one thing that is constant in all these cultures is that it is observed very much by men despite the line of work.

To get a better glimpse on the issue it would be important to view the various designs, brands, and categories of men’s dress shoes.


It is a professional dress code shoe that is mostly worn by those working in the offices though it can be extended to the casual dress code and Dansko Professional Shoes Company delivers the quality shoes that men look for. With a unique design it brings out a very developed fashionable product that has been used over the years by those in the professional field. This brand has specialized in this kind of foot wear and it can be said that it is paying off since its popularity is growing at a high rate. Due to the specialization the brand has been able to produce top quality products that are both comfortable and affordable.

best mens dress shoes for summer


One would wonder how to obtain the best mens dress shoes and what major basic steps to follow on so as to achieve the most fulfilling products. For every product one is looking for there are a number of things that one should observe so as to get the best products in the market and this include mens dress shoes. First one has to be aware of the fashion trend since this shows that one is able to keep up to date with current matters. Fashion also ensures that you self-esteem is good and thereby your confidence. Second one need to know which brands are the best sellers and to this extent the best sellers have many customers because their products are satisfying. Then one needs to weigh on his financial state so as to know if he can afford the product and be able to take care of the product as it deserves. Finally the line of work of a person will also determine the best suited foot wear that will ensure a comfortable day at work.

best mens dress shoes


It is not only an important aspect in the dress code but also a healthy part of one’s life especially for those that are mostly in the field. In this matter the line of work one is in will determine the kind of shoe to wear since different profession have different demands. For example a runner would not wear the same kind of shoes as a person who works in an office and a farmer would not wear the same type of shoes as a mountain climber.

best comfortable mens dress shoes

It all comes to the brand when choosing the most comfortable mens dress shoes to wear for different brands specialize in different shoes for different job descriptions. There are brands for running, brands known for that office look, and brands known for the outdoor harsh conditions like mountain climbing.


However it does not mean that mens dress shoes have to be expensive to meet certain demands like being comfortable or fitting in a certain social class. It will be noted that some shoes are cheap but once they are out of the shop and the price tag done away with you can hardly tell the difference. Yes there are cheap mens dress shoes that are also comfortable, fashionable, and eye catching.

The Truth About the Womens Dress Shoes

Womens dress shoes are shoes that women wear during formal events. The most common formal events women attend include dancing parties, weddings, conferences, dating, and birthday celebrations. These dress shoes come in different designs, colors and patterns. In most cases, ladies’ dress shoes are white, gold, silver, or black in color. In addition, nearly all dress shoes for women are high heeled. The following is a review of the different types of dress shoes for women available in the market.

Kinds of Womens Dress Shoes

There are many kinds of womens dress shoes that can worn in many formal occasions. Some of the most popular types are the following shoes:

comfortable womens dress shoes

  • Pumps are stylish dress shoes with pointed or rounded tip. These shoes are durable since they are manufactured using natural leather. Nearly all pump dress shoes have a sharp heel which is at least 2 inches long. Ankle strapped and peep toe dress shoes are the most latest fashions of pumps dress shoes are in the market today. Peep toe dress shoes have a stylish opening that exposes the toe nails. On the other hand, ankles strapped dress shoes have beautiful straps that wrap the entire ankle for improved comfort when walking.

  • Slingbacks are wide womens dress shoes have heels and rounded toe area just pumps. However, while pump shoes cover the entire heel, slingbacks leaves most parts of the heel exposed. In addition, Slingbacks have a narrow strap on its rear part. Therefore, when women pull over the strap over the heel, the other parts of the foot remains exposed.

wide womens dress shoes

  • Mules are another type of dress shoes women find very fashionable. Mules shoes are designed such that they easily slide into the woman’s foot. Unlike pumps, these shoes leave the entire back of the foot exposed. Fashion designers argue that unless Mules shoes have a heel, they cannot be considered as dress shoes. Therefore, all mules dress shoes for women have heels. 

  • Some women, especially those suffering from back pains or travel often on foot, prefer flat dress shoes to heels. The most common flat dress shoes for women are loafers and ballet flats. Loafer dress shoes for women are flat but with a square toe area. Though loafers are traditionally masculine, some women argue that they are more comfortable than heels. Slip-on loafer dress shoe is termed as the most feminine loafer shoe since it has a small heel compared to the flat loafers people know. On the other hand, Ballet flats are flat womens dress shoes that have slightly bowed and rounded tip. There are several other brands and patterns of the Ballet flat and loafers dress shoes in the market today. However, most women prefer brown or black loafers or Ballet flat shoes to other color patterns.

     fabulous womens dress shoes

  • Other women wear sandals as dress shoes when attending formal events. Most people argue that sandals are not fashionable for special formal events. Designers argue that sandals with stylish straps, feminine colors and finishing are fashionable enough to be worn as dress shoes during formal events. Women should ensure that the sandals they wear during formal events are fashionable enough to be considered as dress shoes. However, majority of women still believe that heeled shoes are the most appropriate dress shoes for women. Consequently, most women wear high heels dress shoes when attending various formal occasions and events.

Downside of High Heels

On the other hand, there are several side-effects of wearing high heels dress shoes. Women wearing these shoes are likely to suffer from back pain and foot pain. Health experts assert that when one is wearing heels, the entire body weight is mostly supported by the lower back and the feet. Consequently, the weight exerts immense pressure on the legs and the back leading to sharp pain.

dansko professional flower power

In addition, wearing heels can lead to difficulties when walking. Some women end up falling in front of people resulting to embarrassment. Consequently, women should consult with the Dansko professional for advice on the most suitable dress shoes for them depending on their posture, height and health status. Dansko deals in womens brown dress shoes besides other beautiful colour and design patterns.

There are other advantages of wearing comfortable womens dress shoes. High heeled shoes makes a woman appear taller than usual. This is important especially if their partners are physically taller than them. Beauty experts avow that heels improve the attractiveness of the woman’s posture. Additionally, heeled shoes increase the beauty of the woman’s legs especially for those women who wear short skirts. Finally, high heels act as the appropriate complement to various dressing styles.

5 Tips to Help You Buy the Perfect Dress Shoes

Dress shoes’ is the name given to protective footwear, which you can use for both casual and formal occasions. You can even use them in heavy duty industries. These are quite similar to the shoes you typically wear with suits, but they come with many additional features such as steel toes and durable soles.

Now if you are looking to get a pair of dress shoes for yourself, but are not sure what to look for, here are 5 tips that would help you select the best pair for you.

  • Leather Quality

    Avoid buying that high-gloss leather, which gives you a plastic feeling upon touching. This is inferior leather and wrinkles very easily. Not only that, it also cracks easily because of being very rigid and low-quality. Leathers that smell of chemicals are also a big no-no. Any smell that the leather should have is its own aroma or the polish it is given at the factory before shipping to the distributors.

best dress shoes

Remember, superior leather is supple yet firm. So, watch out for the leather quality as the first thing, when you are looking for a pair of dress shoe. Leather quality like that provided by Dansko Professional is a good model.

  • Heels

Unless you are less than 5 feet, shoes with heels higher than 1.2” (3cm) are better avoided. Wearing longer heels give a feeling as if you are wearing boots and just don’t correlate with look of genuine dress shoes.

dansko professional cabrio leather

  • Toe Shapes

Anything getting too extreme turns unattractive, and same applies to boys dress shoes. A shoe which is too pointy, too round or too square is a big turn off. You are better-off avoiding anything that is too symmetrical. Instead, you should go for a pair with elegant curves that complement the silhouette of your foot. Of course, for people with a little blunt look to feet, a little elongation in the shoe’s toe box doesn’t hurt, provided it is not extreme.

  • Silhouettes

Another very important thing to keep in mind while buying dress shoes is not to pair suits and shoes that do not complement each other. What that means is that you should not buy slim shoes if the suits you usually wear are baggy looking and are not really slim fit and you should not go for shoes with bulky ass soles, if you usually go for wearing skinny suits.

  • Choosing the right color of shoes

Even though wearing appropriate shoes and colors seem fairly inconsequential in the business world, but the fact is that your choice in shoes actually ends up saying more about you than you may realize. It is not only the style of the shoes that is important, but equally important is choosing the right color, more so if you are looking forward to make a great first impression.

best brown dress shoes

It is certainly not important to have your closet packed with so many pairs of shoes with different colors and styles to be able to create steadily well-matched outfits. On an average, you can survive quite well if you have 4-5 or pairs of wisely chosen shoes.

The basic most guideline to choose the right shoe color is to go for a shade darker than that of your suit. The given guidelines may help you to choose the right color:

best black dress shoes

  • Black dress shoes compliment almost any outfit.

  • Brown dress shoes greatly compliment the earth tones, including tans and olive greens. However, it is important to note that they are considered a tad less formal than black shoes.

  • If you would be wearing gray or navy suits, burgundy or oxblood colored shows might be a great choice.

  • Camel or dark tan color shoes complement light browns, gray and light blue tones a great deal.

Last piece of advice 

Now that you know how to choose the best shoes, there are few other pointers, you want to keep in mind to make sure that they serve the purpose in the best way possible. Doesn’t matter how good quality your shoes are, if you don’t keep them in good condition or well-shined, they would just end up leaving an unfavorable impression. Thus, pay attention to their condition. What’s more, when you take good care of them, they will also last you for a very long time.