How to Pull A Million Dollar Look with Simple Evening Shoes

It becomes abundantly clear during holidays that one needs elegant evening shoes that easily blend with evening dresses, proms and other formal outfits.  Unfortunately, with all the glamour and elegance associated with evening shoes, their purchase proportion is often much more than what many buyers on a budget can manage.  But like you may have already guessed, a few tricks up your sleeve can go a long ay to help you save money and still look good in your fancy silver evening shoes.

Go For Cheap Shoes

If you’re taking part in a formal event like a prom or even a wedding, the tendency is to buy shoes that match up to color to the dress. As this is often a once in a lifetime event, it’s a smart idea not to spend a lot on the shoes you want. Why so? The possibility of wearing the shoes again is just too low.  Simply keep off the expensive versions for a later date. Sacrifice comfort for a cheaper option and spend the cash elsewhere in your shoe hunting mission.

evening shoes low heel


Precisely! Elsewhere in this case simply means spending on formal evening footwear that can be sported to a number of events. You should however be careful enough not to compromise comfort in the name of saving cash.  Make sure whatever you decide to buy:

  • Fits you properly
  • Brings out the best in you
  • Is trendy
  • Will last for long
  • Avoid sophisticated designs

best silver evening shoes

Try Other Designs

Leave that to runway models and their fashion savvy counterparts. Ladies tend to have a bent towards the spike heels leaving out trendier and less sophisticated designs. Try other designs like platform with spirals. They are very much in fashion today and are actually affordable. What’s more, brands like dansko professional footwear sell them in plenty. You can also consider other designs like:

  • Sling back
  • High heels
  • Flat pumps
  • Go Italian

best evening shoes for women

For decades, Italian evening dresses and shoes have been considered the epitome of fashion design. They provide the hard to achieve high end look synonymous with today’s evening footwear. That said, shop for exquisitely designed Italian shoes. You just can’t go wrong with them.

Keep An Eye On Colors

Don’t get stuck on odd colors. The bottom line here is versatility. Go for colors that easily blend with your outfit. If you’re going out with a man, stick to black or brown. Think about it. Cordovan evening shoes work in many cases, but how often do men really wear cordovan evening shoes. They simply stick to versatile colors. Do the same too.

Always Compare Prices

This is pretty much self explanatory for anyone who wants to save money. Whether you shop online or offline, comparing prices while shopping for evening shoes for women is always a smart move. As a bonus, you get to learn things you never knew about the best footwear for formal functions.

dansko professional tigers eye

Take Good Care Of Your Shoes

This is the only way you can have them in your wardrobe for ages. Use the right polish and wipe them whenever you have to. You may find it hard to find the right polish for gold evening shoes, so be sure to ask your vendor how take care of the shoes or where to buy polish for them. Like most formal footwear, avoid storing them in direct sunlight. Then don’t squeeze them with other shoes, unless you want them to cringe and look really old the next time you want to wear them.

It is easy to look good in evening footwear. You just have to find the best fit, blend it with the right colors and head out for that party. Keep it simple and you’ll have everyone at the party ogling at your outfit and shoes!

Slip Resistant Shoes at Work

Slip and falls are extremely common in most workplace environments. As a matter of fact, The Occupational Safety and Work Environment, otherwise known as OSHA, reports that a good number of industry mishaps and accidents are slips and falls. As if that’s not enough, insurance companies claim that more than 10% of workmen’s compensation claims step from slip and fall accidents. All these can only mean one thing. That workers hardly put on slip resistant shoes at their workplaces. It can also mean that they actually put them on but the quality of the slip resistant shoes they have is just not that good.

Where’s the Solution

It’s simple. Always buy quality slip resistant shoes from companies like Dansko professional.  Then be careful when choosing slip resistant footwear for your employers or even for yourself. Don’t just rely on the term ‘slip resistant’. More often than not, the term is just but a marketing tool. Instead, follow some general buying guidelines to the last word.

gray dansko professional for women

Consider the Environment at Your Work Place

Just where do you work or where do your employers work? Do they spend most of their time working outdoors or indoors? What might make floors slippery? – Water or grease? Understanding your work environment and the potential or rather imminent slip and fail threats can help you know more about the shoes needed. Indoor workers need slip resistant shoes with rubber soles or polyurethane that can easily conform to the floor surface. Outdoor workers on the other hand need heavy and thick polyurethane bottom soles with raised tread patterns. Icy surfaces need nothing short of studded heels.

Examine the Material and Tread Design

The tread material of any good slip resistant footwear should match the work environment. Quality slip-resistant shoes must have a slightly raised tread on the sole and heel areas of the shoe. The tread should be in a cross hatch pattern. The leading edge of the heel should then be squared off. Never go for rounded heels.

best slip resistant shoes for women

Look For Guarantees/ Research Proofs

A truly slip resistant shoe must be tested for nothing else but its slip resistance capabilities. Do not rely on terms like ‘oil resistant’ or ‘no slips’. Like already hinted, these are just but marketing terms. Do some research on your own and find out what the best companies recommend to their employees.

Employers’ Roles and Responsibilities in Preventing Slips

If you are an employer, issuing cute slip resistant shoes is not enough. You have to go an extra mile and ensure that spills are wiped out and cleaned quickly. You also need to ensure that your employees’ shoes are always in good condition and that they take care of them well. Shopping for the shoes, especially slip resistant shoes for women can be an uphill task, so do everything you can to ensure that your employees’ shoes last for long.

slip resistant shoes for women nike

Take Care OF Your Shoes Well

It is easy to use your slip resistant footwear for other things. They may be the cutest black slip resistant shoes you have ever had, so resisting the urge to use them for basketball can be hard. Just don’t use them to

  • Drive
  • Jog
  • Run
  • Hike

best cute slip resistant shoes for women

Such activities will only shorten the lifespan of your shoes and render them ineffective before you know it. Remember too to polish your shoes and wash them regularly. This may be hard but in the end, it will help you save a lot of money.

Slip resistant footwear can be the ultimate difference between life and death. Always put them on even if you don’t want to. At the end of the day, it’s your life that matters the most. Not your job.

Taking Care of the Athletic Shoes

You finally have the athletic shoes you’ve always wanted. They cost you a fortune, so you want to make sure that they will last for long before you can think of buying another pair. Unfortunately, you just don’t know how to take care of your new athletic shoes. Rest easy, here’s how.

Wear the Shoes Only When You Have To

Resisting the urge to put on your athletic footwear to school can be hard. After all, the pair could be the most comfortable pair in your shoe rack. Try the best you can to resist the urge. Just don’t wear the shoes for anything else other than working out, jogging or running. Even if you’re just strolling around, you’re still wearing out the cushioning.

 best men's athletic shoes wide

Take Your Shoes Off Properly

Put them on too properly. It’s tempting to take your shoes off without undoing the laces especially when you are in a hurry. Always loosen the laces before putting the shoes on or taking them off.

Dry Your Shoes Properly

Your shoes will get wet every once in a while. You may run on wet surfaces or take part in steeplechase and triathlon races where you can’t help but have your shoes wet at the end of the event.  Wash the shoes well after that but don’t put them on direct heat like on a radiator. Such heat will only dry out the leather and other materials in the shoes. To dry your athletic shoes well, loosen the laces, take their insoles out and let them air dry. Remember to keep them off from direct heat or rather sunlight. To accelerate the drying process, crumple up tissue paper or newspaper and put them inside the shoes as they dry.

best womens athletic shoes

Alternate Shoes

Have more than one pair if you work out every day. Rotate between the pairs. Your athletic footwear will last longer each time you give them a day to dry out and decompress between work outs.

Store Your Shoes Properly.

There are places your shoes should never be kept; like in a hot trunk or in a gym bag. Always store your shoes in a cool dry place where they can air out with ease. Speaking of hot trunks and cars, avoid driving in your athletic footwear. You’ll only wear out the tip of your shoes.

Do Not Put Your Athletic Footwear in a Washing Machine

Washing your shoes can be tiring. However, that is not a ticket for you to throw them in the washing machine. Roll up your sleeves and the get the following:

white floral dansko professional fresco

  • Cold water
  • Mild soap
  • Scrub

Scrub off the dirt from your shoes gently then let them air dry. Don’t put them on unless they are completely dry. Avoid using strong detergents to wash the shoes. They may make your shoes look clean but in the end, they will reduce the lifespan of your athletic shoes.

Make Use of Your Shoe Rack

best athletic shoes for women

There’s a reason why you have the shoe rack in the first place. Well, even if you don’t, at least there is a section in your wardrobe meant for your shoes. Don’t pile up shoes on other shoes. Men seem to have a problem with this, which is why mens athletic shoes don’t last as long as womens athletic shoes do.

Unless you are a kid, taking care of your athletic footwear should be easy. This is not to say that kids athletic shoes don’t need special care, just that an adult should really help them take care of their shoes. At the end of the day, you want to work out in good shoes. They could be dansko professional or any other brand. Take care of them well and you’ll have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Selecting Baby Girl Shoes

The selection of baby girl shoes is a difficult task especially for first time parents because there are numerous types, sizes and designs in the market. It is, therefore, important to consider the following consideration to all that have babies and want to get the best for them and also make sure that the shoes selected are appropriate.

Fitting of the Shoes

It is important to professionally measure the girl’s feet to ensure that the shoes selected can fit properly. Fee experts suggest shopping for shoes in the afternoon when there is enough blood flow in the feet. This is to ensure that the size of the size of the feet have expanded to their correct size. Newborn baby girl shoes should not be the exact size of feet because children outgrow their feet within a short time. It is recommended that the shoe size selected be larger than the baby’s feet to accommodate for such changes.

best baby girl shoesa

Girl’s feet should be measured while standing, and to measure both feet since one of foot is known to be larger than the other one. This, therefore, means that the correct shoe size is one that fits the larger foot. Ensure that there is no toe crunching because it is a sign that the shoe is smaller than the girl’s foot. Chiropodists advise on half an inch of space between the girl’s toe and the edge of the shoe. The heel too should be checked to ensure that it is not too loose nor too tight to avoid discomfort and pain.


 This is one of the most challenging considerations that a parent has to consider because they desire affordable baby girl shoes while at the same time intend them to be durable. The playful nature of small girls means that parents need to find shoes that can withstand wear. The recommended materials include leather, tightly woven fabrics and canvas. The quality of the shoes have to be high to ensure that parents make less frequent purchases of shoes that can be costly over time. One of the best brands of shoes is the Dansko professional that is produced skillfully to ensure that their quality standards are satisfactory.

best dansko professional for women


 The shoes selected should offer protection to the girl’s tiny feet by being flexible enough to allow the natural movement of feet while walking. Leather soled baby girl shoes are ideal in this instance because of the desirable flexibility of the material. It is important to select natural materials because the girl’s feet are allowed the chance to breathe. While the selection of adult shoes requires the person to use the shoe for a while to ensure comfortable fitting, children shoes need to be comfortable at the time of purchase because they cannot get comfortable after the passage of time. The soles should offer protection to girl’s delicate feet from injury and pain, but has to be flexible enough to bend with the girl’s feet.

best cute baby girl shoes


 It is necessary to select cute baby girl shoes to encourage them to wear shoes. The beauty of a girl’s shoe is exhibited in the color selection, patterns and many other features. Girls need to be allowed to select the color and patterns of their shoes when they reach a certain age. When girls are allowed to select their preferred colors, designs and styles, they feel that their opinions are appreciated.

Cost of the Shoes

best cute newborn baby girl shoes

 Girl shoes need to be affordable so that a parent can be able to purchase several pairs that have different colors, designs and types. Cheap baby girl shoes also can be found in online searches. Online searches for shoes are highly recommended because parents have the opportunity to compare prices charged by numerous online stores. It also provides an opportunity for the selection from numerous designs that are available in the market.

Final Words

 In conclusion, the selection of baby girl shoes is one of the many challenges that a parent has to face. It is a process filled with many unknowns because the feet of children are rapidly changing in size, while at a certain age, their preferences influence the shoes that parents buy for them. Get the best shoes for your baby with the above preferences.

Steel Toe Shoes For Maximum Safety At Work

There is no doubt about it. All steel toe shoes are big business from a safety point of view and inverse snobbery as a hip, trendy and fashion accessory for young adults. Finding the best pair can however be a little bit hard especially if you are buying your first pair.  To make the whole process easy and fun, always look out for the following:

  • Fabric
  • Durability
  • Sole
  • Flexibility

Always Check the Fabric First

best steel toe shoes women

Different fabrics or rather materials can make or break a shoe in a matter of weeks. That is exactly why you have to choose the right fabric when shopping for steel toe shoes.  Of the three most common materials used to make steel toe shoes (gortex like rubber, suede, leather and canvas) leather stands out as the best material. The reasons are obvious. Leather does break easily and often fits like a glove. it does not burn, ignite into flames or melt. Even in cases where they do burn or get scuffed, it is always easy to polish them and restore their former glory.

unique dansko professional flower power

Checking The Durability

It is not enough to buy steel toe shoes with OSHA standards and leave it at that. OSHA standards and other recommendation can only guarantee you that your shoes will last for six months, which is basically the shelf life of steel to footwear. Go for shoes that will last for at least a year. Other things like the aesthetic value of the shoes you want to buy only come second. Sure, your preferred shoes may look good. But after a few months the metal stares wearing though the padding and dig into your feet, stitches start falling apart and the shoes just look like something else.  These are just but some of the things that poorly engineered have to offer their buyers. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there a steel shank on my shoes
  • Is the steel toe area padded securely with durable material
  • Can the shoe backing hold?

unique cute steel toe shoes for women

Considering The Sole

Sole is more or less a subcategory of durability. There are two main types of soles; those that can last for a year or more and those that cannot. It is easy to think that thick rubber soles can last for long. There is some truth in that but like most shoe vendors will tell you, it depends with the brand. Take dansko professional shoes for instance. They are widely known to offer quality footwear, so giving the brand a try cannot be an effort in futility. Just don’t but anything without bending the sole. If it bends easily and lets you feel the air, keep off the shoes.

Importance of Flexibility

reebok steel toe shoes for men

There is a widespread misconception that steel toe shoes for men should be more flexible than steel toe shoes for women because the latter work more. That is of course far from the truth. If the sole is extremely thick, you’ll barely move.  You can therefore imagine how the contours of your feet will feel like after 6 to 8 hours at work. Some shoes are heavily reinforced with a wide range of matters that their back areas never mould into one’s feet.  Always try on whatever you want to buy. This is the only way you will know how comfortable the shoes will be.

There are of course other subtle but important factors to consider when shopping for steel footwear. Are the shoes waterproof? Are they rated as electrical hazards? It all depends on your job. That is why you have to be sure that the steel toe work shoes you have are fit for your job. At the end of the day, what really matters is safety and comfort.

Everything You Need To Know About Orthopedic Shoes

Shoes do much more than just add aesthetic value to formal and informal outfits. That’s why people- especially women- spend hundreds of dollars on shoes. They even attend clubs and forums where people discuss nothing but shoes. It does not end there. There are fashion designers and stylists who only focus on this one item; shoes. It is therefore not surprising at all that people often put a great deal of time and effort into how their work, athletic and orthopedic shoes look.

Purpose Designed Shoes

It’s good that shoes have come a long way to become part and parcel of people’s fashion statements. But just like any fashion designer will tell you, not every shoe is meant to be trendy, stylish or fashionable. Take orthopedic shoes for instance. Many people are skeptic about wearing them because they are considered unappealing and ugly. This may be true for teens and young adults generally. After all when someone is young, appearance really matters. That explains why wearing funny orthopedic shoes never ring a bell in any young person’s mind.


Why Orthopedic Footwear?

It has everything to do with health and little to do with fashion. In a nutshell, orthopedic shoes do the following:

  • Alleviate pain
  • Support body mass
  • Correct injuries
  • Accelerate healing

best orthopedic shoes

Where To Get the Best Orthotics

There’s no such thing as an orthopedic vendor in the first place. Once you have a prescription for orthopedic shoes they have to be custom made. You therefore have to book an appointment with a skilled if not qualified foot care specialist.  You don’t have to worry about the specialists. Your doctor will refer you to the best. He or she will also guide you through a thorough and extensive evaluation to ensure that orthotics is the best option for you.  He will also ensure that you have well designed orthotics.

What Should Be Expected?

 During the initial assessment of your condition, your provider will document your medical history, which includes your previous injuries and current symptoms. He or she will also take into account your typical footwear and lifestyle. As such, expect any of the following from your care provider during your examination:

best orthopedic shoes for women

  • Thorough scrutiny of your overall posture
  • Tests on your alignment, motion and strength of your feet and legs

All these will determine the kind of orthotics you’ll end up with. Keep in mind that there is no big difference between orthopedic shoes for men and orthopedic shoes for women. The difference is always minimal and often has something little to do with size. The case is however different with children because orthopedic shoes for kids calls for fine eye to detail and other skills.

Wearing An Orthopedic Footwear

Stick to what your doctor tells you to the last word. Consider his or her advice as a prescription.  You may be tempted to put your orthotics aside every now and then, but keep in mind that such a move will only act to your disadvantage. It may slow down healing or hinder it altogether. To stay safe and healthy, consult your care provider anytime you feel tempted to switch to Dansko professional footwear or any other style out there.

best women dansko professional

Putting on orthotics everyday to work or school is not something you can do with a smile on your face. On the other hand, ignoring what your doctor says about the shoes can ultimately lead to permanent injuries which can deny you that smile. Bottom line? Orthotics have to be worn all the time at least until your doctor says otherwise. This is the only way you can heal quickly and resume your normal footwear on time.

Just What Does Your Choice Of Work Shoes Speak About You?

Just how good do you look good in your work shoes? The obvious answer is of course, ‘good’. That’s where people go wrong. It’s not about looking good in your working shoes. It’s all about looking presentable. For this to happen, several factors have to be considered;

  • Comfort
  • Brand
  • Style
  • Color
  • Material
  • Comfort

Priorities of Working Shoes

best work shoes

There is a reason why comfort tops the list. Chances are, you will be either sitting or standing for a better part of the day at work. Your choice of work shoes should therefore allow you to sit for long without feeling an itch or the urge to change your shoes. The shoes should also allow you to stand for long hours without feeling tired or exposing your tendons to minor injuries. How do you go about this? It’s easy. Just prioritize three important things:

  • Heels
  • Shoe interior
  • Size

best quality work shoes for men

If you are a woman, then you know much about heels. Not so with men. Always go for flat heels if you’ll have to stand for long. As of shoe interior, avoid anything that cannot breath and absorb sweat. This can be anything in the name or nylon or plastic. Stick to leather interiors and you won’t regret a thing. Size is self explanatory. Your shoes should never fit you like a glove. They should fit your snugly, with some room at the tip to let your toes wiggle every now and then.

Trusting the Brand

There is much more into choosing the right brand than just the aesthetic value often associated with brands like Dansko professional shoes. Remember you are at work. You’ll probably meet prospective clients or people you have to impress in one way or another in the name of sealing a business deal.  Be smart enough and woo them with your work shoes. Go for brands that any fashion savvy man or woman can identify and immediately associate you with class.

best work shoes for women

Style and Color

This mostly applies to women. Keep off sophisticated shoe styles at work. Simple always wins over sophisticated. What’s more, there is a thin line between sophisticated shoe styles and casual wear. You surely don’t want your boss to think your mind is preoccupied with casual events or you’re simply not taking your work seriously.

You’re lucky if you put on uniform to work or adhere to a certain dress code. Problem comes in when you’re not bound by any of these rules and codes and you just have to figure out what to sport to work. Keep it simple.  Go black or brown. Avoid bright and shouting colors like red unless you are attending a work party. One good thing with black is the fact that it blends effortlessly with just about any other color, so be free to experiment different outfits with black shoes.

dansko professional shoes

Choosing the Material

Most image consultants often say, ‘stick to leather’. What they don’t realize is that leather- genuine leather for that matter- can be really expensive.  What’s more, work shoes for men and even work shoes for women made out of genuine leather are hard to find.  This calls out for considering other options such as canvas, Skechers work shoes or synthetic leather. Whatever you choose, stick to what brings out the best in you.

The shoes you wear to work daily speak volumes about the kind of attitude you have towards your job.  It does not end there. Your shoes can subconsciously influence a decision. They can make you likeable or on the contrary, hard to put up with. That said, always ensure that your work shoes showcase someone serious and passionate about his or her work. You never know, a promotion could be coming your way just because you are organized and always in good shoes!

The Best Snow Shoes Types at a Glance

Visiting snow covered landscapes with loved ones is without a doubt one of the best ways to spend the winter season. The vista is always breathtaking and the wind soothing, at least during cool winter. The warmth brought about by the giggles of your loved ones add more flare to the season and often go a long way to help you keep up with the chilling cold. All these can only happen if you are properly knitted out to beat the cold. You have no choice but to have a warm jacket, gloves and most importantly, snow shoes.  But how do you get the best shoes?

Understand the Main Types of Snow Footwear

There are basically three types of snow shoes. They all serve different purposes, so be sure to find one that will give you the best experience out there. The three types are

mountain snow shoes

  • Running and Aerobic footwear

They are built with lighter weight materials than common snow shoes, to give room for faster movement. They also feature extra cleats for additional traction while walking or running fast. Their bindings cradle and lace up, allowing the wearer to insert athletic or running shoes. The shoes are ideal for snow races and walking on extremely rugged terrain.

  • Mountaineer Style

They are heavier and tougher than running style snow shoes. This is for extra stability and added traction on steep and extremely icy hills. Most mountaineer style footwear typically feature larger crampons so as to achieve the added traction.  Just like running and aerobic snow footwear, their binding can accommodate larger shoes like snow climbing boots. For peak performance on rugged terrains and extreme weather conditions, heavy duty material is always used to make the shoes. This makes mountaineer style snow footwear the best choice for treading on deep snow.

black dansko professional clog

  • Recreation/ Hiking Style

They are the most popular at the moment.   They are appropriate for backpacking, hiking and moderate terrains. They are specifically made to be comfortable with value for money as their selling point. They are excellent for all round use, making them ideal for the occasional hiker. They are also easy to shop for as brands like dansko professional have them in plenty.

Understanding Sizes

Looking for your size should not be a problem at all as there are just a handful of sizes available. Such sizes include:

  • 10×36 inches
  • 6x15inches
  • 9x30inches
  • 8x25inches

The smallest sizes are mostly kids snow shoes while the middle sizes are for women. Keep in mind that your weight determines your snow shoe size. That’s why snow shoes for men are in most cases bigger than those for women and toddler snow shoes. Remember to also take other factors into consideration. These include your other equipment like snowboards, back packs and skis.

snow shoes for men


There are just two types of binding available

  • Limited rotation
  • Free rotation

Limited rotation bindings do not allow the wearer’s toes to go below the decking. Free rotation on the other hand allows your toes to be free. That’s why they are ideal for racing, hiking and running. It is however wise to try both styles and stick to whatever makes you comfortable.

best snow shoes for men

It is impossible to go out on a snowy expedition without shoes that can stand up to the extreme weather conditions. Go for shoes that will keep you warm all the way and make walking on snow easy. Consider such things as size, warmth and comfort. All these can determine if you’ll have fun out there or not. Remember to try out the shoes just before going out. You have to be sure that they fit you and will not in any way hinder you from having fun.

Making A Smart Purchase of Tap Shoes

There is much more into shoes than just covering feet. Take tap shoes for instance. They can be the ultimate difference between a winning dancer and a losing one. That’s why shopping for the best tap shoes for your toddler calls for thorough window shopping, patience and some online research. You have no choice but to:

  • Buy the right size

  • Look out for trendy designs

  • Buy from a reputable tap shoe vendor

best tap shoes for girls

Types of Tap Footwear

All these may seem easy, especially for a first time tap shoe buyer. To make the whole process simple and fun, understand the three types of tap footwear. They are:

  • DuoTone

  • TeleTone

  • SuperTone

Of the three, teletone taps are the most popular. Like the other two taps they’re attached with screws. The only difference is the fact that they’re attached with three screws. They are easy to shop for, so rest easy if all you need is a pair of teletone tap shoes for girls.

olive dansko professional denim

Fits and Sizes

Always remember that the tap shoes for your toddler must fit him or her snugly, more or less like a glove. They should however not fit to the point where they pinch your toddler’s toes. Use the thumb technique when shopping for boys or girls tap shoes. Taps half a size larger than your normal size are ideal. Feet tend to swell after dancing, so the extra size will accommodate the swollen feet and keep blisters at bay. Special inserts like insoles and even the socks your toddler will wear the taps with will compromise size, so be sure to take all these into account when looking for the right tap size.


Black tie up model is arguably the most common style of these shoes. The style is unisex, which goes a long way to explain why it is popular. The style features taps covered with fabric or sparkles and metallic covers to match a costume. Dyes can also be used to achieve specific or rather desired looks.

best toddler tap shoes

Linoleum or Wood Please

It is important to take good care of your shoes once you buy them. One easy way of doing this is to ensure that the shoes are used on linoleum or wooden surfaces only. Any other surface will wear out the shoes easily. The strike plates and metal taps quickly become pocked and dented when used on hard surfaces like asphalt, cement or tiles. Should this happen, take the shoes where you brought them to have the screws done.

black tap shoes

Always Go For Comfort

Any dancer will tell you that comfortable shoes can make a whole difference on performance. Size goes a long way to determine comfort, but that alone is not enough. First ensure that the taps you want to buy have elastic ankles. Then ensure that the shoe interiors are comfortable enough to prevent redness and swelling then allow for breathing.

Does The Brand Name Matter?

Brands like Dansko professional shoes are of course the preferred choice for many. There are however other brands in retail stores that are just as good. All you have to do is to embark on some thorough window shopping. This will help you learn more about the best dancing shoes for your toddler, how to take care of them and even where to take them for screw tightening or decoration.

Do not shop for dancing shoes like you would for your toddler’s ordinary shoes. Understand the best materials for your toddler’s dancing shoes, where to buy them at reasonable prices, how to decorate them and when to start shopping for another size. Feel free to ask your kid’s choreographer or your vendor more about the best tap footwear.

Ensuring A Quality Pair Of Hiking Shoes

You must have had a bad day out there when hiking. It happens to everyone. You prepare, plan and head out into the mysterious wonders of nature, only to find out you forgot one important thing; good hiking shoes. Or you have the shoes only to head out and discover they are not a good choice for your hiking adventures. They feel heavy and extremely uncomfortable after hours of walking. They even blister your feet and leave you with some pain. Before your hiking is over, what you thought were good hiking shoes have thinned, the lugs have worn away and laces are just ugly. So, just how do you shop for the best shoes for hiking?

best comfortable hiking shoes for women

Know What You’re Looking For

Hiking footwear is divided into three categories. You have no choice but to figure out what will be suitable for your trek. The categories are:

  • Lightweight hiking boots – They are designed for day hikes only. They stress comfort and adequate cushioning for your feet. As a result, they are less durable and less supportive than heavyweight hiking boots.

  • Midweight/backpacking hiking boots – They are specifically designed for hiking and trekking over rough grounds while wearing heavy backpacks. They tend to be more supportive and durable than lightweight hiking shoes for men. They are intended for short trips of less than five days over rough terrains.

  • Mountaineering hiking boots – They are designed for on and off hiking with heavy backpacks during long day trips. They are supportive, durable and provide enhanced ankle protection. Their thick, stiff soles are designed rough terrains and winter climbing. Often costly but are always worth the extra dime.

best hiking shoes for women


It is easy to get confused when it comes to choosing the best material for your hiking footwear. Some brands like Dansko professional footwear are ideal but there’s always more to hiking shoes than just brands. One wise thing to do, is to stick to waterproof and New Balance hiking shoes. In that case, consider the following materials:

  • Mesh

  • Nylon

  • Split grain leather

  • Full grain leather

best nike hiking shoes for men

Of these four, the last two are the best. Full grain is however expensive and may not be suitable for the average hiker on a budget. The first two, mesh and nylon are ideal because they are light on your feet.

Proper Fit

It does not matter if your preferred shoes have all the bells and whistles. If they don’t fit, they are simply not right for you. The shoes you choose to go out for a hike with should allow your toes to feel a snug. They should also be somehow loose to allow your feet to flex with ease.

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It sounds interesting but your hiking boot size is not the same with your regular shoes. Why so? Extra insoles, thick socks and lacing techniques have to be employed when fitting hiking footwear. This means that your hiking footwear will not be the same as your regular shoes because of all the factors mentioned.

Going out for a hike is without a doubt a good idea. Shopping for ordinary hiking shoes on the other hand is not. You just have to take your time. Understand the nature of the terrain you’ll be walking on and choose good hiking shoes for women or men that will not let you down during your adventures. Remember to carry an extra pair just in case the ones you have let you down or you lose them. Remember too to buy strong shoes. Who knows? You may have to step on scorpions, spiders or even snakes!