Just What Does Your Choice Of Work Shoes Speak About You?

Just how good do you look good in your work shoes? The obvious answer is of course, ‘good’. That’s where people go wrong. It’s not about looking good in your working shoes. It’s all about looking presentable. For this to happen, several factors have to be considered;

  • Comfort
  • Brand
  • Style
  • Color
  • Material
  • Comfort

Priorities of Working Shoes

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There is a reason why comfort tops the list. Chances are, you will be either sitting or standing for a better part of the day at work. Your choice of work shoes should therefore allow you to sit for long without feeling an itch or the urge to change your shoes. The shoes should also allow you to stand for long hours without feeling tired or exposing your tendons to minor injuries. How do you go about this? It’s easy. Just prioritize three important things:

  • Heels
  • Shoe interior
  • Size

best quality work shoes for men

If you are a woman, then you know much about heels. Not so with men. Always go for flat heels if you’ll have to stand for long. As of shoe interior, avoid anything that cannot breath and absorb sweat. This can be anything in the name or nylon or plastic. Stick to leather interiors and you won’t regret a thing. Size is self explanatory. Your shoes should never fit you like a glove. They should fit your snugly, with some room at the tip to let your toes wiggle every now and then.

Trusting the Brand

There is much more into choosing the right brand than just the aesthetic value often associated with brands like Dansko professional shoes. Remember you are at work. You’ll probably meet prospective clients or people you have to impress in one way or another in the name of sealing a business deal.  Be smart enough and woo them with your work shoes. Go for brands that any fashion savvy man or woman can identify and immediately associate you with class.

best work shoes for women

Style and Color

This mostly applies to women. Keep off sophisticated shoe styles at work. Simple always wins over sophisticated. What’s more, there is a thin line between sophisticated shoe styles and casual wear. You surely don’t want your boss to think your mind is preoccupied with casual events or you’re simply not taking your work seriously.

You’re lucky if you put on uniform to work or adhere to a certain dress code. Problem comes in when you’re not bound by any of these rules and codes and you just have to figure out what to sport to work. Keep it simple.  Go black or brown. Avoid bright and shouting colors like red unless you are attending a work party. One good thing with black is the fact that it blends effortlessly with just about any other color, so be free to experiment different outfits with black shoes.

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Choosing the Material

Most image consultants often say, ‘stick to leather’. What they don’t realize is that leather- genuine leather for that matter- can be really expensive.  What’s more, work shoes for men and even work shoes for women made out of genuine leather are hard to find.  This calls out for considering other options such as canvas, Skechers work shoes or synthetic leather. Whatever you choose, stick to what brings out the best in you.

The shoes you wear to work daily speak volumes about the kind of attitude you have towards your job.  It does not end there. Your shoes can subconsciously influence a decision. They can make you likeable or on the contrary, hard to put up with. That said, always ensure that your work shoes showcase someone serious and passionate about his or her work. You never know, a promotion could be coming your way just because you are organized and always in good shoes!