Steel Toe Shoes For Maximum Safety At Work

There is no doubt about it. All steel toe shoes are big business from a safety point of view and inverse snobbery as a hip, trendy and fashion accessory for young adults. Finding the best pair can however be a little bit hard especially if you are buying your first pair.  To make the whole process easy and fun, always look out for the following:

  • Fabric
  • Durability
  • Sole
  • Flexibility

Always Check the Fabric First

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Different fabrics or rather materials can make or break a shoe in a matter of weeks. That is exactly why you have to choose the right fabric when shopping for steel toe shoes.  Of the three most common materials used to make steel toe shoes (gortex like rubber, suede, leather and canvas) leather stands out as the best material. The reasons are obvious. Leather does break easily and often fits like a glove. it does not burn, ignite into flames or melt. Even in cases where they do burn or get scuffed, it is always easy to polish them and restore their former glory.

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Checking The Durability

It is not enough to buy steel toe shoes with OSHA standards and leave it at that. OSHA standards and other recommendation can only guarantee you that your shoes will last for six months, which is basically the shelf life of steel to footwear. Go for shoes that will last for at least a year. Other things like the aesthetic value of the shoes you want to buy only come second. Sure, your preferred shoes may look good. But after a few months the metal stares wearing though the padding and dig into your feet, stitches start falling apart and the shoes just look like something else.  These are just but some of the things that poorly engineered have to offer their buyers. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there a steel shank on my shoes
  • Is the steel toe area padded securely with durable material
  • Can the shoe backing hold?

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Considering The Sole

Sole is more or less a subcategory of durability. There are two main types of soles; those that can last for a year or more and those that cannot. It is easy to think that thick rubber soles can last for long. There is some truth in that but like most shoe vendors will tell you, it depends with the brand. Take dansko professional shoes for instance. They are widely known to offer quality footwear, so giving the brand a try cannot be an effort in futility. Just don’t but anything without bending the sole. If it bends easily and lets you feel the air, keep off the shoes.

Importance of Flexibility

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There is a widespread misconception that steel toe shoes for men should be more flexible than steel toe shoes for women because the latter work more. That is of course far from the truth. If the sole is extremely thick, you’ll barely move.  You can therefore imagine how the contours of your feet will feel like after 6 to 8 hours at work. Some shoes are heavily reinforced with a wide range of matters that their back areas never mould into one’s feet.  Always try on whatever you want to buy. This is the only way you will know how comfortable the shoes will be.

There are of course other subtle but important factors to consider when shopping for steel footwear. Are the shoes waterproof? Are they rated as electrical hazards? It all depends on your job. That is why you have to be sure that the steel toe work shoes you have are fit for your job. At the end of the day, what really matters is safety and comfort.