Men Dress Shoes

Men dress shoes are an important feature in the dress code of every man. It not only forms the first impression of an individual but also says a lot about how well organized he is. For most men spending much time on a decision on which kind of foot wear to buy is mandatory for the foot wear one chooses will say a lot about who you are. At the work place men tend to associate themselves with a certain social class that they feel fits their perspective and for this reason tend to spend more on the big and most expensive brands.

white men dress shoes

However choosing the right men dress shoes has to be done in consideration of a number of factors such as the nature of work one is involved in, the health condition one is in especially allergic reactions to certain products, the financial position of an individual, and the climatic conditions of the residence. To be able to shed more light on the matters weighing on this perspective one would have to take a tour into the world of dressing code for men by various types and brands.


Dansko professional shoes are high quality leather shoes with a small heal that makes one lift up after every step. They are a unique brand of shoes that are produces to meet the needs of the average office guy. These shoes are also very popular for their different color designs that fit the different tastes and preferences. This kind of wear is favorable for the office guy since they are comfortable and the leather is easy to maintain. Other than that a number of features also standout in this brand of footwear;

men dress shoes black and white

  • Toe box which allows for more room for the toes ensuring that movement is limited thereby allowing for a more comfortable posture.

  • A sockliner that ensures even the most unfavorable weather conditions do not affect an individual in any way due to perspiration.

  • Specially designed outsoles that ensure a good grip in the office thereby slipping is avoided. These are also strong and ensure flexibility while protecting the feet.


Cheap men dress shoes have various categories from various brands and they offer comfortable footwear that also gives a good impression of a person. Sometimes it is not easy to notice these shoes are of low cost once they have been bought. Mostly cheap footwear is viewed as uncomfortable and un-durable. However this is not the case as established in the following categories of low cost footwear.

dansko professional fresco

  • Shoes for occasions which include wedding shoes, business shoes, and prom shoes. Since these are available at a low cost they are mostly used on a one time occasion.

  • Indoors men’s footwear which is used mostly when one arrives at the office or when one is at home entertaining guests. These kinds of wear ensure one is comfortable but they are not preferable for the outdoor conditions.


White men dress shoes are shoes that are mostly white in color and are mainly used to show a certain social class. They are mostly used to also show that one is capable of taking care of himself as they require a lot of care. They are offered in a number of brands that include; Clarks, Dr. martens, Florsheim, Ralph Lauren, Steve Marden, and Timberland. They are also available as boots, loafers, oxfords, sandals, and sneakers.

cheap men dress shoes


Comfortable dress shoes for men is not easy to find as the most popular and comfortable brands are mostly expensive and therefore produced in small quantities as there demand is low. However this does not mean that one cannot find comfortable wear that is not expensive. Being comfortable in footwear not only refers to the comfort the feet feel but also the comfort that comes from an increased self-esteem. It is known that the self-esteem can be increased by the kind of foot wear one has since it serves to identify the social class.

In conclusion men dress shoes are a unique part of the dress code of a person that serves quite a number of purposes ranging from social factors to political factors. It is known that most political groups take too much into the social hierarchy and sometimes go beyond the limits to use a certain brand or customize shoes to fit a certain perspective.