Walking Shoes Shopping for Toddlers

Now that your little angel is officially past the newborn stage and steadily on his or her way to being mobile, you have no choice but to invest in two or three pairs of walking shoes. It’s good to start with soft soled walking shoes you may have already bought hoping and eagerly waiting for his or her first feeble steps. That’s of course a good idea and a smart one too because soft soled walking shoes will not affect the growth of your baby’s feet in any way. They are also great for keeping your baby’s tiny toes warm and cozy and even protecting them from hazards that could be on the floor at any given time. All these are just but the basics of the best toddler shoes for walking. There are several other tips you have to consider.

best quality toddler shoes for walking

Go For Shoes That Are the Best for Learning How to Walk

Different brands may claim bragging rights as to how effective they’re when it comes to aiding a toddler how to walk. The truth of the matter however is the fact that any toddler shoes with elastic ankles are ideal for walking. What matters most is a pair with soft soles that can act as protection between his feet and the ground but still make the baby feel the floor with his feet. This is actually one of the best ways to help your baby learn how to balance better. In other words, it is best for the baby to feel barefoot without being barefoot.

Go For Shoes That Are Comfortable

It is good to let your baby learn to walk in uneven surfaces sometimes. This can however compromise his comfort while he’s not barefoot. To prevent this from happening, settle for nothing short of comfortable shoes. This could be anything from brands such as Dansko professional or toddler water shoes. Such shoes will let your baby feel the unevenness of the floor but will not hinder the baby from toddling around.

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Design Matters

Go for toddler walking shoes that are not just cute but super functional too. That aesthetic value goes a long way to motivate your little angel to walk. That said, consider shopping for walking shoes that have trendy designs such as

  • Boots with cozy lining

  • Colorful rain boots (for girls mostly)

  • Faux moccasins

best trendy dansko professional

Shop for the Best Fit

This is all about shopping for the right shoe size. Unfortunately, this is where you will have to spend quite a fortune. Babies grow fast, which means that their feet increase in size almost every month. What may fit him or her perfectly this month may be too small the next month. That said, be sure to measure the size of your baby’s feet every month.

Check for Any Signs of Discomfort

best toddler walking shoes

It’s really up to you to find out if your baby is comfortable in his or her shoes. He may cry often each time he has his new shoes on but you may be preoccupied so much with his or her health to think the frequent crying is because of a cold or hunger. Check his feet and look for any redness on your baby’s heels. This can only mean one thing; that the shoes are too small for him. Check too for any signs of blisters. To avoid these, always ensure that your baby has socks on all the time. Ensure too that the lining of his shoes are soft enough to keep him comfortable for a long time.

Shopping for toddler walking shoes is not simple. You have to do everything to ensure that your baby will finally enjoy walking in shoes that will keep him or her comfortable. This can only happen if you take time to learn more about baby shoes and what is best for toddlers.