Finding the Right Cheap Running Shoes

It is normal to be hesitant or skeptic when shopping for anything online. This mostly happens because of the inability to experience a desired product physically or as retailers often say, first hand. Such skepticism can however be avoided just by considering a few rules. Take cheap running shoes for instance. You just have to know what you want, look for it earnestly and seal a deal. But tarry for a while. What exactly do you look for in cheap running shoes?

Know Your Foot Type

Knowing your foot type and the level of pronation are the two most important things to keep in mind when looking for cheap running shoes online. The level pronation simply refers to the angle at which your foot rolls inwards. Your foot can be described as:

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  • Low arch

  • High Arch

  • Low Arch

The level of pronation on the other hand can be described as:

  • Normal

  • Over

  • Under

All these may seem hard to determine if you are buying cheap running shoes for the first time. The best thing to do is seek guidance from someone who understands more about running shoes. Most retailers too can help you, so be sure to find a friendly one and ask him or her more about your foot type.

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Consider Shoe Shape

There is a small difference between your foot shape and foot type. Understanding the difference is simple as the latter is somehow self explanatory. Shoe shapes are classified into three categories:

  • Curved

  • Semi curved

  • Straight

Just before buying the best cheap running shoes you may have come across, do the ‘wet test’ to determine your shoe shape and consequently your foot type. The test is very simple. Just stand with west feet on a blank sheet of paper and take note of the imprint left once you step off the paper. If the imprint shows a better part of your foot or almost the entire foot, you are what fitness enthusiasts refer to as a normal pronator.

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If on the other hand the imprint shows a thin, almost invisible band between your toes and the heel, you are an underpronator. If the imprint shows a curved band along the insides, you are overpronator. Keep in mind that this test can be done whether looking for cheap running shoes for men or cheap running shoes for women. It gets easy with some brands like Dansko professional and athletic shoes as they cater for all foot shapes and types.

Experts recommend that when buying cheap running shoes, each level of pronation should go with the right foot shape:

  • Normal pronators – Semi curved shoe shape

  • Underpronators – Curved shape

  • Overpronators – Straight shoe shape

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Keep all these factors in mind when shopping for running shoes and you’ll get the best out of your running shoes. The said factors are extremely important for professional athletes as it can make the ultimate difference between speed, comfort and stability. Feel free to ask your online retailer more about your shoe type should you have problem choosing what is right for you.


Buying running shoes is not just about finding what is affordable and going for it. One has to consider the above mentioned factors so as to get the most out of his or her running shoes. Of course, other factors such as considering a store’s return policy is also important, so be keen on such factors as well. Remember that quality matters when buying running shoes. That said, go for brands that are proven to last for long. Take your time to window shop and the whole buying process will be fun an easy.