Going For Shoes for Cheap

Whether you are a man or a woman, buying shoes for cheap prices is more or less like buying your dream car. You must have a clear idea of what you really want. It does not end there; you have to walk away with footwear you’ll be comfortable in for years. That is why you have to know the pros and cons of shopping online for shoes.

Go For Comfort

You’d be baffled how many people end up settling for a smaller or larger shoe size just because they are too lazy to check out what other stores have to offer. Others are just impatient and can hardly wait for new shipment of a size that fits them well. To ensure extreme comfort, here are the things to look at when buying a pair of shoes:

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  • Sizing

Size, comfort and confidence complement each other. It is always good to know your size. But even then, keep in mind that brands differ when it comes to sizes. Just because you are a size 10 when it comes to loafers does not mean you are the same size when it comes to sneakers. The only exception lies with brands such as Dansko professional, known across the globe for offering a great value for money. Then be smart and know the terminologies used to describe shoe sizes. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that a size 9 is bigger than a size 8. But how many men know that 2E is far much wider than D? How many even know what 2E and D mean? These are simple terms used to describe shoe width. Here’s more and what the mean:

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  • 2A– Extra Narrow

  • 2E– Wide

  • 4E– Extra Wide

  • 6E– Extra, Extra Wide

  • B– Narrow

  • D- Standard Width

  • Heels

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To get your shoes right, make sure that your toes and heels fit in snugly, without causing you discomfort. Use your index finger to find out if you shoes fit correctly. Place index finger behind your heel and your shoe’s heel. The finger should slide in with ease. If the finger cannot fit, then the shoe is too right. If on the other hand it fits and leaves too much room, the shoes are too large. Just pass the pair on till you find better, shoes for cheap prices.

  • Toes

Your toes must wiggle comfortably inside your shoes. This mainly applies if your shoes are for a certain purpose. Any Jordan shoes for cheap prices you come across must pass this simple test. The same applies to basketball shoes for cheap. This ‘rule thumb’ must have been used on you by your mum when you were a kid. It still applies. You should be able to easily fit the width of your thumb in between the end of the shoe and the tip of your toes.

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These rules are of course handy when buying from retail stores. They are still useful when shopping online. Just use the shoes you already have and use their sizes or measurements when shopping online.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Does the store you wish to buy your desired red bottom shoes for cheap have a return policy? What are their shipping charges? Are there any hidden charges? Take all these issues into account in your bid to find shoes for cheap prices and you won’t have regrets. Remember that cheap prices may sometimes mean that quality is compromised. With that in mind, make sure that the shoes for cheap prices you wish to buy are good enough to be worn for at least a year. In the end, everything boils down to taking your time when shopping online for shoes.