Cheap Dress Shoes for Men and Women

Millions of men and women across the world do not have enough money to buy their preferred dress shoes but fortunately, cheap dress shoes provide an ultimate solution for them. It is possible for them to buy these shoes for amounts of less than $200. Their flocks cull up when they buy them for less than $100. This poses many problems for them. However, good looking cheap dress shoes are available in the market. They should go easy on these shoes by keeping their expectations about their cost reasonable.

Men’s dress shoes

Just like women, men wear dress shoes at more formal or smart casual events. These shoes are different from athletic shoes. Many men wear them as standard daily shoes and they widely use them for special occasions and parties.

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Men’s dress shoes are usually available in brown or black colors. They also come in other colors such as white, burgundy, cordovan, chestnut, and oxblood. Men in the United States sometimes wear oxblood or cordovan shoes while men from other nationalities usually wear the other colors. These shoes are all made by using leather. However, many of them are made by using rubber soles to make them more durable and this compromises their elegance.

Men’s dress shoes are made by using numerous pieces of leather. Their seams are usually decorated in different ways with most revolving around a certain type of brogueing. The fastening of these shoes largely determines how they are categorized. Examples of cheap dress shoes for men that are available in the market today include:

Calvin Klein Glendon– These oxford closed-lacing brogues that have long perfs all the way to their heels are not boring even though they are black. They are decent and are available for approximately $100. The leather that is used to make them holds up and they break in a little bit. However, they are comfortable and they wear well.

best cheap dress shoes for men

Original Penguin Jaden – The soles of these shoes are almost all rubber and their construction is not crazy solid in the hands of the wearers. They can be available for under $100. Their style details are decent and their toe shapes are good.

Stafford Wingtip Oxfords – Unlike dansko professional shoes, these shoes work better with jeans as compared to three-piece suits. However, they are very good for $50. Their lacing is closed and they are very comfortable because of their leather. They have perfect toe shapes and synthetic soles that have grip rubber inserts.

ASOS Monk Strap – These are more casual because of their lighter contrast soles and 30% of the men may not like them. However, they are cheap and they work better with summer suits or in casual work environments.

Aldo Lehane – The heels of these shoes have extra stitching that makes them a kind of reverse cap. These shoes are sleek and they are available in three colors.

Women’s dress shoes

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A wide selection of cheap dress shoes for women is available in various colors such as white, black, tan, and gold and silver and hence, women have a multitude of options to choose from in order to match their suits, dresses, or gowns. Most of these cheap dress shoes are high heeled. Examples of these shoes are as follows:

Pumps – Many women consider pumps a staple in their wardrobe. These shoes are available in different styles and colors. They are usually made by using leather and they can have pointed or rounded toes.

Slingbacks – These are the same as the pumps because they usually have heels and can have pointed or rounded toes. However, unlike pumps, they do not wrap the heels of women completely. Instead, they leave the heels exposed because they have narrow straps that women pull over their heels when they wear them.

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Loafers – These are usually flat and many women consider them more masculine. As compared to any other shoes that have heels, they are more comfortable. Typical loafers are available in darker colors like brown and black and they have square toes.

Mules – These slide onto the feet. They leave the back of the feet or the heels exposed because they do not cover them at all. Unless they have heels, many women do not consider them dress shoes.

Ballet flats – These became popular cheap womens dress shoes in the 21st century. They are flat and they have rounded toes. They are available in various patterns and colors.

The shoes industry for men and women will not go out of style as trends come and go. There are always new designs and inspirations for shoe designers improving and always upgrading their product design.