Cheap Designer Shoes

Periodically, shoppers come across cheap designer shoes in sales. Here they are offered shoes designed by well-known shoe designers such as Gucci, Giuseppe Zanotti, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, Jeffrey West, Polo Ralph Lauren, and many more, for almost half of the original price. It is natural to be skeptical about authenticity of the product, because everybody knows designer shoes are expensive. There are valid reasons for designer shoes to be expensive.

Process of Making the Designers Shoes

Designers spend years mastering the art at a reputed fashion institute, and come out of it equipped with knowledge on designing cheap designer shoes for women. Such learning includes understanding the characteristics of different materials used to make shoes and shapes that make human feet comfortable. With this input he or she starts designing shoes that would look stylish.

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In the process there are plenty of trials and errors too, which means the designer spends on material and labor for such products. These trial and error products are eventually scrapped. The cost of all those resources and time are priced in within the final cost of designer shoes. Style apart, designer shoes guarantee comfort in them, and hence they are worth it, respective of their cost. 

Are cheap designer shoes for real?

High discounts on designer shoes are given because 

  • Trends have changed, and the pairs of shoes on offer did not sell in the last season or the season before, that is they are old stock left with sellers with whom designer entered into retailing contract. Monies blocked in that stock is being unlocked with such sale. In other words, the product is authentic but not essentially in league with latest fashion trend and perhaps old stock. 

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  • Designer sells the copyrights of previously successful but out dated high end shoe designs to any mass manufacturer of footwear. This business does not have to spend on any designing in house, and is guaranteed that the product would have demand. Due to larger scale of production, the amount paid to designer becomes negligible. In addition, such manufacturers are often though not always at liberty to substitute some of the materials that were included in the original piece, with alternate materials. Many shoe designers, manufacturers, and / or sellers give the choice of material to the user, effectively retaining the style and design of the established designer. This means user can select a designer product with lower specifications. Correspondingly, costs may be lower. Dansko Professional offers a wide range of cheap designer shoes for men with such variation in materials. Options in materials include patent leather, box leather, tooled leather, mosaic leather etc. 

  • Designer creates those shoes keeping in mind the affordability of an average person. Most established designers have such variations in their products. Some of their products are for high end customers, while others are for people who’d love to wear designer wear, but cannot afford them. By creating such shoes, designers create awareness of their brand and increase their market share, apart from making people fashion conscious.

  • Designer may have scrapped the design during trials and errors, because he or she was not satisfied with certain aspects of it. This design may have been perfect in almost every way, except a few undisclosed flaws, which an ordinary person may not be aware of. Such design may be sold to a large scale shoe manufacturer and designer may have permitted the use of his or her name on the product, collecting some royalty for using the brand name in the process.

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  • Designer may have been new to the field when he or she designed those shoes and sold the relevant copy rights to any shoe manufacturer. Subsequently, fame may have caught up bringing focus on such shoes already existing in the market. In such cases, it is possible that the seller hikes the price for a while, before bringing down the price to a realistic level.

  • Established businesses like Walmart may enter into a deal with the shoe designer and in the process get hefty discounts part of which may be passed on to the customers.

g. Seller wants to make quick cash because fashion trends change, and holding the stock for long may mean being stuck with it forever. In such cases, the seller orders large quantities of designer shoes, and reduces the profit margin adequately so that people rush to buy the product. Effectively, seller makes as much profit from such high turnover as another seller who waits for high end customers.

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Unseasonal cheap designer shoes

Internet lets people locate designer shoe sales in any part of the world and order them during any season. In the past, people would wait for such sales to be announced, and then go shopping. But now, there are ample sites including big players like Amazon, selling cheap designer shoes online

There are always some unscrupulous sellers who use the brand name of famous designers on their stock of shoes. However, such businesses rarely offer their products online as it would be possible to trace them and take penal actions against them. Established business houses would not risk their reputation for short term gains. Therefore, buyer must exercise discretion while purchasing such designer shoes that are available at hefty discounts. Buyer is better off buying such products directly from designers or other online merchants selling such products with the consent and knowledge of the designer.