Common Myths About Minimalist Running Shoes

Sports shoes stores are today awash with shoes marketed as minimalist running shoes. They have been tried, tested and proven to be efficient- at least that’s how they’re marketed out there. It does not end there. The word ‘minimal’ is always there to lure buyers into churning out cash all in the name of getting value for their money. The word, as you are about to find out, has become one of those loosely defined phrases brandished about irresponsibly by shoe marketers. To stay safe, try to answer the following questions when buying minimalist shoes:

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  • What makes up good minimalist shoes?

  • Who can wear a minimalist running shoe?

  • How can you wade through the myriad of information out there?

If you can answer these questions, then you can easily counterbalance the fuss about minimalist running shoes and get value for your money. You’ll also debunk 4 common myths about minimalist running shoes that have seen so many buyers being ripped off. The myths include:

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Myth #1- Can Improve Your Form

Truth is, top minimalist running shoes can help you to improve your form. This is however nothing but just a bi-product of running in minimalist shoes regularly rather than the minimalist shoes themselves. Because of their sparse construction, athletes and runners often strike the surfaces lightly, land towards the forefoot with each stride and push off more efficiently with minimalist shoes. As the body retains its biomechanics and gets used to these shoes, the changes become permanent. Should a runner go back to his or her old clodhoppers at this point, their form remains improved. The bottom line therefore is, your form cannot improve overnight with minimalist shoes. It takes time and effort and some know-how on the best way to make the best out of minimalist shoes.

Myth #2- Can Cause You Injuries You Cover Long Distances in Them

Of course this is all false. As long as you allow your body ample time to adapt to a material underfoot and less cushioning, everything should be fine. Just like it has already been hinted, minimalist shoes can gradually improve your form in a couple of weeks if used accordingly. All you need to do is to gradually increase your time in minimalist running shoes. Run two miles on grass or thaft in normal running shoes in week one of your workout program then switch to five miles on the road in minimalist shoes.

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Myth #3- Will Increase Your Speed

This is highly debatable if you asked any runner, but true with just a glimpse into the finer details of the fact. To run faster, you have to:

  • Log the ideal volume

  • Put in more effort

  • Work out regularly to improve fitness

  • Run at the right intensities

Shoes alone will not make your run faster, just like therapeutic acids, nutritional supplements, energy drinks and training techniques wont.

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Myth # 4- Minimalist Running Shoes are Only for Light Weight Runners

Runners with excellent neutral gaits require less time to adjust and adapt to the lower profiles of minimalist running shoes. They are however not the only ones who can use them to their advantage. No matter no one’s pronation patterns, gait abnormalities or body weight, minimalist shoes will correct all these flaws with time by simply forcing your body to run more efficiently.

There are several misconceptions about New Balance minimalist running shoes just as there are about dansko professional shoes. Debunking the aforementioned myths is the only way to get the best of minimalist shoes even with top brands such as Asics minimalist running shoes. All you need to do is carry out some basic research online and you’re good to go.