How to Buy the Right Cheap Tennis Shoes

Tennis is a sport that requires you to have high quality shoes. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on shoes. Cheap tennis shoes will work the same. It does not make sense to be extravagant on tennis shoes considering that tennis is a sport that is hard on shoes. This means that you will need to buy many shoes as long as you keep on playing tennis. Therefore, you need to pick out shoes that are durable and light enough to facilitate easy movement. Normal shoes cannot provide the same level of comfort and the grip that tennis shoes provide.

A great pair of tennis shoes will help you to endure the rigor of quick starts and stops. Cheap tennis shoes for men are available online, in discount sections and in thrift shops. Getting a good pair of shoes for playing tennis can mean the difference between losing and winning a game or potentially sustaining an injury. Tennis shoes are usually designed with additional right lateral support so as to accommodate sideways movement and forward motion. There is a wide array of tennis shoes to choose from. In order to find the right fit, athletes need to consider a number of factors including:

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Type of surface

There are many types of courts that you can play tennis in. Clay courts tend to be softer and they soak up impact. They also offer decent traction as long as your shoe has tread. When such a surface is wet, it is easy for a player to slip and fall. Therefore, you need to get shoes with great traction. Concrete surfaces on the other hand do not absorb the impact and they are hard on the feet. The best shoes for concrete courts are padded shoes that can protect your feet from injury. Grass courts absorb impact perfectly. However, they are quite slippery. So you need to pick shoes that have textured soles. You should also keep in mind that a soft surface does not wear the shoes out quickly. Therefore, you should not be too worried about durability. To find cheap tennis shoes online, all you need to do is provide your shoe size.

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Body type

Your body type should also be taken into consideration when you are shopping for tennis shoes. If you are heavy, you should select high quality shoes so that they can last long. Heavy people should also purchase shoes with extra padding for additional support. You can also find cheap tennis shoes for kids. These shoes are ideal for light weight people such as children.

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Style of play

How the athlete plays should also determine the type of shoes to buy. Baseline players usually hang out at the back of the court. This style of play usually requires sideways motion. Due to the constant back and forth motion, the shoes you buy should have additional lateral support. Serve and volley players on the other hand stay mid-court. This style of play exerts pressure on the toes and soles of shoes. Therefore, the player needs shoes that have toe caps so as to protect their toes. You also need shoes with durable soles to prevent them from wearing out quickly.

Type of foot

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There are basically three types of feet. They affect how people stand or walk. Your foot type should determine the type of shoe that you purchase. Pronated feet usually carry the body weight on one side. Around sixty percent of people have pronated feet. To avoid injury, buy shoes with an extra sole padding. This will also keep your cheap tennis shoes from wearing out on one side. Neutral feet on the other hand evenly distribute the body weight all through the foot. These are the ideal type of feet but only 10 percent of people have them. With this type of foot, you can pick any shoe that feels comfortable.

Supinated feet carry the weight of the body on the outside. People with Supinated feet tend to wear out their shoes faster. If you have this kind of foot, you need to concentrate on ankle and lateral support. Therefore you need to look for shoes with enough sole support. You can buy cheap tennis shoes at dansko professional. They have a wide range of shoes for all types of feet.

Tennis shoes shouldn’t be expensive. There are several brands that offer both quality and durability at very reasonable price.